We are finally into the data. Weeks 1 and 2 were lackluster at best and the reason is clear. There is no data. I predict that weeks 3-18 will be much better, and it hopefully starts today. I was able to use my two java programs finally with the data that has accumulated from weeks 1 and 2, so I am no longer shooting in the dark, and each week should get better as the data gets even richer as we go along.

The underdogs have dominated the first two weeks of this 2021 season. Interestingly, I am going with the dogs in week 3 in 5 of 6 games. Some of this looks counter-intuitive, but I learned a long time ago to trust my programs and not trust my hunches. I am no good at this alone … but with my programs I have been the best the past two NFL seasons.

How insane is it to go against the Chiefs? I am doing so with Chargers +7. Same with the Ravens where I have Lions +9.5. The craziness continues with the mighty Cardinals where I took the Jaguars +7.5. Or how about the rough Steelers where I took the lowly Bengals +4.5. I am less worried about the Jets +11 against the Broncos. 11 is too many points to even give the inept Jets. And I am not as worried about the Raiders -4 against Miami. The Raiders should dominate my local helmeted heroes today … even if secretly I will be thrilled if Miami wins and trashes my prediction. I cannot lose here. Either my picks wins or my team wins … that’s called hedging your bets 🙂

The bottom line folks is that I made 4 predictions that I hate, but that the data shows to be excellent picks. We shall see. Enjoy the games!