I’ve always said that NFL weeks 1 and 2 are the hardest to predict, followed by the last week of the season. There is simply no good data in the first two weeks, and the last week is a joke as the good teams are resting starters for the playoffs and often could care less about winning. And just as if on cue, I went 3-3 in my picks. That is called milk toast, and it is not very good. But what did I know. I had no info.

Week two always presents crazy upsets and teams that got destroyed in week 1 look like champions and teams that looked like stars in week 1 end up in the in the gutter in week 2. So again, it is very tough to predict and if I can get lucky and get at least a .500 performance after two weeks, I feel great. Then I can let my programs and algorithms loose and go for the gold. Or at least try to. Even the best prognostication in the world will only get you 60% correct against a spread longterm and that would be if you are a genius and lucky, so you could easily blow it any given week and still be the best. I have gone 0-5 in my contests many times. It happens. This is a marathon not a sprint.

I’ve got 9 total picks for you in week 2, and they can all be accessed from the page at https://www.footballshrink.com/offers

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