The NFL was sailing along smoothly for 3 weeks, and then there was week 4. Bam, boom, smash, bang! Covid-19 reared its ugly head and now two games that were supposed to be played Sunday are disrupted. Breaking news, the Patriots/Chiefs game will be played now on Monday night at 7 PM EST! The Titans/Steelers game has been rescheduled for later in the season.

If these outbreaks continue, the season could be in serious jeapordy. If nothing else, it is a huge wakeup call to all players, coaches, staff and fans to use extreme caution and do everything to avoid getting complacent. Regardless of what happens on the medical front, we will just keep soldiering on with our picks as long as we can.

As you might know, last week, week 3, was another winner, and now we have the fastest start in 3 years picking sides against a spread. We are 17-8 this year, an astounding 68% cover percentage! I knew the MPI was good, but it is not supposed to be this good. No complaints, just gratitude.

We picked 10 games in week 4 and you can review them all, the lines, the source and the history over at

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Enjoy the games while you can … it might not last! Good luck everyone!