I am really going out on a limb again this week with 9 picks! I did this last week and did not get burned, as we went 6-3 against the number, but how long can my forture last? The MPI metrics looked good again, so I went with it, rather than resorting to my own flawed thinking too much … so hopefully we at least don’t lay a goose egg, and come out with at least 4 or 5 wins. I think being modest helps quell my fears!

The great thing about week 3 is that I am finally able to start using my full algorithm to make picks. In weeks 1 and 2, there is simply not enough data to fill my programs and input forms and so I am relying on some much more basic data. Hopefully as the season goes on, having this powerful algorithm gets better and better with even more data, so while week 3 is finally time to use it, it is still somewhat early. By weeks 11 and 12, the program is really rolling and we can make some picks that are simply impossible to see with the human eye. Thanks computers!

The bottom line is that in our third year of picking NFL sides in advance against a known line, and publishing that on both the Sports Watch Monitor and the Football Shrink website, we are at 60% success after more than 200 games decided. That is genius level. I am a moron by contrast if I go based on purely emotion, but my program is a genius so far! And I readily defer to it rather than allow my own ignorance to get in the way in making picks. What is all says, since this algorithm has a major mental component, is that the mental game still remains unappreciated in football and in the prognostication world of picking NFl games. I built the monster, and only I know how to run it. And the results are showing that I must have build it pretty well! Having said that … I again want to remain humble before counting my chickens. But if this continues, I guarantee you that all the major networks and millions of fans are going to really want my data before games. That was never the intent on my part. I just wanted to promote the mental game, but it will surely turn out positive if this beast keeps winning.

To see all the picks this week, go to the Shrinks Picks page at https://www.footballshrink.com/picks and if you ever want to get picks in other sports by my affiliates, or to get my picks much earlier in the week, you will want to visit the offers page at https://www.footballshrink.com/offers

Enjoy week 3 folks … and help me relax a bit … I am nervous this week, but also excited!