Thursday night was a great night for a classic backdoor cover, as Joe Burrow led his Bengals team to a late 4th quarter touchdown to bring the Bengals within 5 points of the Browns, and ensure us our 6th win of the season against only one loss! We are off to a fantstic start with 7 games on Sunday and 1 game on Monday remaining.

Among the remaining 8 games this week that we picked, 7 were favorites with only one underdog. This seems to also mirror what a lot of the big guns are doing throughout the world. In fact, it is usually a good strategy to pick more favorites in the first few weeks of the season when the data is still sparse. Yet knowing which team will probably win tends to give a fairly good shot of covering too. As the season progresses, this definintely changes, and there are some weeks where I will pick only underdogs as the overall numbers are so much better. But it is not easy. They key is to know which underdogs to pick!

There are some truly fascinating games to watch in the next two days. Will Kyler Murray destroy the Washington Football Team? I think so. Will the big favorite Ravens and Chiefs roll? Yes again, or so I think. What about the Packers and that angry veteran quarterback named Aaron who was embarrassed by the Packers selecting a quarterback first round. I think his anger will translate into a big game against the Lions today.

Down here in South Florida, I am particularly focused on the progress of my beloved Miami Dolphins, but they will have their hands full today against a vastly improved Bills team. It is not time for Tua yet … but the magic of Fitz might have a few more celebrations left.

Enjoy the games today and Monday night with the Saints/Raiders clash. If you would like the picks early in the week, don’t forget to visit the offers page at