The first week of the 2020 NFL season was exciting and there are even more great games on board this week starting with the Thursday night game between the Bengals and Browns! This should be an interesting matchup as the brand spanking new future superstar quarterback Joe Burrow takes his surprisingly good Bengals up state to face the always schizo Browns who were trounced by the Ravens in week 1. But the Browns have major talent! That is why I call them schizo!

How did our Football Shrink do in week 1? It was a great start to the season with a 5-1 week picking sides against the spread and our overall record rose way up … to almost 60% now over a couple hundred games and change.

There is no question that we are in possession of something extremely rare and valuable. It is an algorithm to pick NFL games that was tested ad nauseum over 5 years of research and is based on several key factors including how well teams perform mentally. We wrote a book about it way back in 2011, revised in 2013, and we used it to win the World Series of Handicapping last year. We are off to an even better start this year.

In week 2 we make a total of 9 picks. This goes totally against my philosophy of being selective and only picking games when they set up extremely well … but this was also a strange set of good available games. So we rolled the dice. If you would like to see these picks now, and not have to wait until much later in the week, you will find all 9 picks on my offers page over at: or you can get them directly at Sports Watch Monitor.

The Football Shrink, with that fast 5-1 start, is now ranked #2 in the world at the Sports Watch Monitor for NFL picks! Enjoy the games and please be sure to enjoy all the features of my new site at