It’s been a long time people and I know that many of you have been itching for NFL football more than ever in this odd year of years. I hope you and your love ones have all remained safe, and that your businesses have not been too damaged by this economic ordeal.

Since I last blogged with you before the Super Bowl in February, I have been busy revamping the entire look of the Football Shrink website and there are some new features that you will really enjoy. Go to the main page at The look is entirely different with a white background and dark lettering that makes it much easier to read. There is also a newly added NFL news feed which will provide you with the latest in NFL predictions and activities in a reverse chronological order.

While this site is primarily about football and my predictions using that fantastic algorithm that has done so well over the past two years of public testing, those of you interested in other sports will soon be able to go to a page that will allow you to look into predictions in other sports too.

This is year three of the official testing of my MPI system adapted to prediction. The reason the success rates are so high in the first 200 games of public predicting is because I have created a unique way to measure the mental performance of football teams, and this was largely ignored in the past, but so vital to success. That data combined with an exhaustive statistical analysis of 40 years of past NFL games, and many hundreds of studies allows me access to data that is extremely rare, but also quite predictive. The mental game always mattered, and the unique statistical features that are most predictable always mattered. It is a powerful one two punch, and you will again have access to these game picks each week of the 2020 NFL season at no charge. They will be posed later in the week on the site and also included in a newsletter. If you want the picks earlier in the week, there will also be a way for you to get them for a small fee through one of my affiliates.

So let’s get ready for some football, and thanks for spreading the word about this site and my success as perhaps the most accurate NFL handicapper picking sides against a known line!

John F Murray
One week and One Day Before the Season Kicks Off, 2020